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Kruosar Rural Network

About Us.

What gets us up in the morning.

A Problem

Like many countries in the global south, Cambodia has low energy access rates, with around 75% of the population or 10.6 million Cambodians living without direct access to the electricity grid.

These people, mainly in rural areas turn to Kerosene, diesel and car batteries to meet their energy needs. Not only can these alternatives be expensive, time-consuming and downright dangerous, they are also linked with serious health problems, especially for women and children.

With A Market Based Solution

As a social enterprise we firmly believe in the power of market based approaches to offer long term energy access in a sustainable way. Being a business means that we are accountable to the customer and if we don’t provide appropriate solutions and excellent service we won’t survive.

Our goal is to build a nationwide last-mile distribution network – under our brand “KRUOSAR SOLAR” –  for clean energy products and services. We have in-house sales and technical teams who use our branch offices as a base to go out and promote, install and maintain solar home systems in rural areas. Our model relies heavily on quality components, end-user training and excellent after-sales service.

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Our Model.

How we deliver value to our customers.


Education & Awareness

We build trust in solar energy and our company by engaging with the community to introduce the technology and answer any questions they have.


Quality Components

We only source high quality components that we know are build to last, and our solar home systems are accreddited by the first solar industry standards in Cambodia.


End-User Financing

We enable our customers to overcome the relativly high upfront investment cost of solar though our partnerships with local microfinance banks who offer a discounted interest rate for up to 2 years.


Free Installation

Even with the best components, a bad installations can give a systems problems from the start. This is why all our systems come with a free installation by a trained technician.


Product Training

An informed user is a happy user. This is why we take the time to train our customers how to properly use and maintain their solar system, which reduces issues and increases system lifetime.


Maintenance Plan

Every system we install comes with a 2 year warranty on all components and a structured follow up and maintenance plan, which includes on-site visits and over the phone assistance.

Our Partners.

We’ve leveraged a number of partnerships for products, financing and market development which allows us to increase our impact.

Our Products.

See our latest Products.


A selection of the most exciting things that happened recently.

Cambodia’s first Solar Village.

We recently installed >80 Solar Sytems in a single village, bringing them access to high quality energy services. This project, in partnership with Stiftung Solarenergie, uses an innovative Pay-As-You-Go technology to make the products affordable to the community.

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Contact Us.

What ever your question, we’d love to hear from you.

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