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Our solutions

We offer a free simulation of the savings you will make and a free preliminary proposal

Our solutions depend on your needs 

Are you connected to the grid and want to save money ?




On-grid solar system


The simplest way to produce renewable and sustainable electricity is on-grid solar systems. The electricity  produced by the sun is directly consumed by the active load ultimately reducing your electricity bill.

Are you connected to the grid and want back-up to avoid power-cuts ?



Hybrid solar system 


Hybrid solar systems offer a sustainable back-up solution while reducing the operating costs and diversifying the mix of energy in a system. It will ensure an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with a back-up solution to compensate the unreliability of a generator and reduce costs.

Are you not connected to the grid and want to access renewable and affordable energy ?


Off-grid solar system


To provide electricity in remote locations we can provide you with an off-grid solar system. You will be self-sufficient with 100% renewable electricity and avoid high and fluctuating costs associated with generators or national grid connection.

Our reference projects 

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